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So you wana learn to kite?

What does it mean to “teach someone to kiteboard”? Most new instructors would say that getting someone up on a board riding is the goal. <<<<<in the KITEs Method we want new riders to learn to “Park” the “Kite” and “Edge” the board Upwind. Check out our latest ebook in the itunes store https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/learn-to-kite/id569331917?mt=11 get […]

Big Wave Kite boarding, avoiding the Mummy Wrap

                                I am going to be painfully honest, there are Kiteboarders (85%)  Wave Riders, (10%) Big Wave Riders (4.9 %) and Huge Wave Riders (.01%) Huge Wave Riders like Niccolo Porcella are “Native Watermen”…they didn´t come from other sports like […]