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So you wana learn to kite?

What does it mean to “teach someone to kiteboard”? Most new instructors would say that getting someone up on a board riding is the goal. <<<<<in the KITEs Method we want new riders to learn to “Park” the “Kite” and “Edge” the board Upwind. Check out our latest ebook in the itunes store https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/learn-to-kite/id569331917?mt=11 get […]

A new Kite Beach

We get a New kite Beach every year . The Kite Beach Annual Sand Migration is almost peaking! Say good buy to Kite Beach 2013, In September we start to get a brand new Kite Beach…fortunately I saved a heaping pile to get the 2014 beach started off soft! If you need day storage, soft […]

The Basics of Kite Instruction

Believe it or not, Wind changes and everyone learns differently. Rule #1 : Kite Schools should always use the line lengths which are appropriate for the day´s wind and the riders expectations. In the Gallery below, 18 month old Dakota and 3 year old Leo work with a 3 meter Training Kite with no Kite […]

Teaching Navigation before the Waterstart

In the traditional teaching systems, new riders learn how to waterstart before learning how to tack across the direction of the wind. Once new riders are able to go upwind, they begin to understand how to navigate around other riders and no go zones. Teaching new riders to tack upwind before the waterstart is easy […]