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Mistakes will happen, they can be a valuable part of the process on these line lengths as we attach the bar directly to the kite {bar-kite}. Again, riders need to either “pimp their gear” or purchase the KITEs Multiple Line Lengths to have this option of attaching the bar directly to the kite {bar – kite}. 2. KITEs Upwind Board Drag (UBD)
Done correctly, the Upwind Board Drag (UBD) will help riders travel upwind immediately! In addition, it will help unlock the secrets to expert kite handling. Use the Method ALL Bar. Start with the kite connected directly to the bar, once comfortable, add 5 meter lines and repeat the process. Learn to Park the Kite and Edge the board across the direction of the wind!



Certainly, we will go over these concepts more in the following chapters, but some people only read a few pages so here it is, when new riders learn to Park their Kites and Edge, they will unlock all the Secrets of Kiteboarding. Pictured below, the rider is parking the kite and edging the board. Notice the riders around her, they are also doing the same, the only difference is she is laying on her board and the other riders are standing on their boards.



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