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3. Method ALL Bar

Longer lines pull harder for a longer time. Attach the bar directly to the kite bridles when teaching or learning the UBD, Self Launches and Self Exits. Riders will learn more, be safer and learn faster!


As riders progress, lines can be attached together to form lengths of 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and 25 meters. These are the only line lengths riders will ever need. Without  Adjustable Line Lengths, kiteboarding will be a very difficult and dangerous sport to learn. Again beware, most instructors don’t yet understand the physics behind “kite power”. Email us to become Method Certified or a KITEs Method Coach. If you would like to train with the author of this book at the Method Lodge, Kite Beach, Dominican Republic contact us at  If you would like to cut your lines to make Multiple Line Lengths