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How to Use this Book
If you are new to kite boarding and or water, check the Glossary sections on Bar, Lines, Rigging and Exiting before trying these exercises. Glossaries start on page 85.  Kiteboarding is a Pass/Fail sport in which we ride wind and water, the two most powerful forces on Earth. In this sport there are no Referees, no Whistles and no Tap Outs.  Riders need technique and experience to enjoy kiteboarding. The Method Warm Up and Upwind Board Drag will help riders gain technique and experience needed in a fun safe way.  I have spent years designing, testing and developing the correct gear for kiteboarding. We have taken much of the difficulty and danger out of the sport. By using Method Gear and Techniques, kiteboarding can be as simple as 1-2-3. {If you don’t have Method Gear, this book explains how you can pimp your gear.}  To train with the author visit us at the














The Method is as easy as 1-2-3
1. KITEs Warm Up

2. Upwind Board Drag

3. Method Adjustable Line Lengths

1.KITEs Warm Up

Use the Method Gear to do the  KITEs Warm Up.  Learn the wing as well as wind direction, wind strength, launches and exits in a fun safe way!  Good Kit- ers ‘Park’ their kites and ‘Edge’. Bad Kiters oversteer their kites! KITEs Method and Gear help new riders learn how to “Park” and “Edge” This is what every good kiteboarder does!