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KITEs Method ALL Lines

KITEs Adjustable Line Lengths (ALL) – page 90 in Learn to Kite (Kites Method Book 4) by John Holzhall

KITEs Method ALL LinesThis sport is all about the length and speed of the stroke. When riders learn the kite first and then add additional line, they end up with a much deeper understanding of stroke as it relates to kite power. Riders learn how to handle their gear, how to attach lines correctly and verify.  This sounds simple and it is through repetition is necessary. Conversely, to think that someone can read a book or take one lesson and then go out and rig up their kite on full length lines is just risky…it  happens, but often it does not end well. It takes time, repetition and constant discovery to become a good kiteboarder.

Unfortunately, this concept is not taken seriously in our industry. It is standard to sell kites with 24-28 meter lines (full length lines). These lines are the equivalent of a ten story building in height.  As a result, every kite is set up for maximum power! This is absolutely, positively the biggest mistake in kiteboarding, yet manufacturers and instructors continue to sell and teach on these line lengths.

Riders who closely follow the KITEs  Method can constantly reevaluate themselves. As they self-launch, self-exit, and Upwind Board-drag on their own, they are learning and earning the right to use longer lines. Remember that line length is a strategic choice that affects the rest of your riding. “When in doubt, check out” the KITEs Method adjustable line lengths. Don’t go to the beach without them!

KITEs Method ALL Lines

Method ALL Lines : 5meter  15meter

The Method ALL lines consist of  1 set of 15meter lines and 2 sets 5meter Lines. This combination of 5′s + 5′s plus 15′s give you a combo of 6 kites:

# 1 = bar directly to kite
#2 = kite on 5′s
#3 = kite on 10′s (5′s plus 5′s)
#4 = Kite on 15′s
#5 = kite on 20′s ( 15′s + 5′s)
#6 = kite on 25′s

Method ALL Kite

The ALL Kite comes with three sets of lines, 15 meter lines and two sets of 5 meter lines. It is simple, 5’s + 5’s plus 15’s create a combination of 6 kites:

1 = bar directly to kite – great for pre-waterstart teaching.
2 = kite on 5‘s great for giving new riders a “taste” of the power and learning how to Park and edge in a fun safe way.
3 = kite on 10’s (5‘s plus 5’s) Super for teaching kite control and waterstarts.
4 = Kite on 15‘s great for riding and upwind  riding and especially good for wave riding in strong winds.
5 = kite on 20’s (15’s+5’s) Super for strong wind or powered riding.
6 = kite on 25‘s Great for light winds, competitions or extreme air!

KITEs Method lines and kite KITEs Method lines and kite
KITEs Method lines and kite