Good Life

The KITEs Method makes Teaching Kiteboarding  fun and profitable. Traditionally Kiteboarding was a very difficult sport to teach, but the Kites Method and Adjustable Line Lengths make both Learning to be an Instructor and Teaching Kiteboading much easier.  To become a Certified Kiteboarding Instructor, contact us.  

Method Pro Camp with Posito Martinez

  Join us this June for Every Level Pro Camp featuring the KITEs method and Top Dominican Pro Rider, Posito Martinez  June 11th to 18th, Kite Beach, Dominican Republic. Don´t worry about your level, we will help you get to where you want to be. Contact us to sign up.

Stay High

If  Upwind Riders keeps their kites high, the downwind riders can pass with out problems. when Upwind riders drops their kites,  downwind riders have to come off their edge and travel down wind to avoid collision. So when you are out kiting…stay high when you are the Upwind Rider.

It´s not about the kite!

It´s all about the lines. For example, why can someone strike harder with a full size hockey street than with one half the size? Simple, the longer the kite lines = greater stroke. Greater Stroke = More Power. We make the KITEs Adjustable line Lengths in China, but if you want to convert your lines […]

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