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So you wana learn to kite?

What does it mean to “teach someone to kiteboard”? Most new instructors would say that getting someone up on a board riding is the goal. <<<<<in the KITEs Method we want new riders to learn to “Park” the “Kite” and “Edge” the board Upwind. Check out our latest ebook in the itunes store get […]

Big Wave Kite boarding, avoiding the Mummy Wrap

                                I am going to be painfully honest, there are Kiteboarders (85%)  Wave Riders, (10%) Big Wave Riders (4.9 %) and Huge Wave Riders (.01%) Huge Wave Riders like Niccolo Porcella are “Native Watermen”…they didn´t come from other sports like […]

How to rig and Launch on a crowed Kite Beach.

Hey, most kite beaches are public and you can rig and launch which ever way you choose. A cross wind set up and launch can be done in 25 meters. 1. Lay the lines out cross Wind 2. Lay the kite on top of the lines 3. Connect the Control lines to the outside trailing […]