KITEs Method

Quickest way to learn, safest way to teach.


KITEs Method is the Way to Teach and Learn

learn to kite, Kite lessons

is the way to learn to kite, Kite lessons

The Method is the quickest way to learn and the safest way to teach:

  • Kiteboarding
  • Kiteboating
  • Snowkiting

Learn to kite

The newest Rider Ecourse can be found here Learn To Kite.

Kiteboarding Instructors Course

Learn to Kite Book #4 
KITEs Method Book ISBN #9889978192-1
KITEs Method E-courses
Secrets of Kiteboarding Book ISBN#9889781913
Kiteboarding’s Simple Plan ISBN #9781553950813

Get Certified

You can Learn online with us or on the Kite Beach, Cabarete, Dominican Republic with Method author and producer, John Holzhall. John coaches every level of Kite and Paddle Boarding daily on the Kite Beach and the Kite Beach Lagoon, Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Contact us to schedule your course.

Kiteboarding Instructor´s Course