Get Certified on your gear, your beach, with your wind at your pace!

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KITEs Method is the easiest Way to teach and learn kiteboarding, kiteboating and snowkiting.

The KITEs Method opens up the whole new way of learning on your home beach from the experienced water sports professional John Holzhall who has put a lot of thought and expertise in your safety and considered your possible mistakes. In his Learn to Kite (Kites Method Book 4) Mawi John provides tips on how to master your kite boarding skills fast and makes sure that your learning path is full of fun.

Learning Kiteboarding at your own pace saves you from travelling. Learn when it´s windy on your home beach. Most of the time you can´t count on wind at different destinations.

Do the Method Skill Sets, take photos, email them to us and we will certify you.

Rider $34.95

Coach $254

Examiner $399


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